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Permanent Municipal Commission

Permanent Municipal Commission

The Permanent Municipal Commission represented the City Council in everything that was not reserved for the Plenary Session of the City Council and had competence in the economic management, personnel, use of goods, execution of works and services.

It was composed of the mayor, the mayor lieutenants and the secretary of the City Council, this one without the right to vote.

The Commission was create with the Municipal Statute approved by the RD of March 8th, 1924. In 1934 it was replaced by the Government Commission, with the same functions, until the end of 1938. In 1940 the Permanent Municipal Commission regained the functions until being replaced by the Commission of Government with the approval of the Law of Bases of Local Regime of 1985.

The books of minutes of the Permanent Municipal Commission that are preserved in the Historical Archive of the City of Badalona cover from 1924 to 1933 and from 1940 to 1946.

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