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GUTTUS or vase with brocade


GUTTUS or vase with brocade

GUTTUS or vase with brocade

Late 3rd century BC

Iberian reduced ceramic vessel, reminiscent of a pitcher but smaller and rounder. It has a single open-mouthed spout and a handle. It is the imitation of the Greek forms (red figures, 4th century BC) and Suritalic (black varnish, 3rd century BC). It was found in the house excavated in the rock of the Iberian settlement of Turó d’en Boscà (3rd century BC).

The guttus is a vase of Greek influence, similar to the ascos of Punic influence. The name means “drop by drop”, generally associated with a container for perfumes. It is also associated with perfumers because it is often found in the trousseau of tombs and because of the Greek decoration that refers to women and the passage to the other world.



Material: Pottery Dimensions: 10 x 17 cm Ref.: MB 3476

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