An iron bar grate from 1848 is incorporated into the Museum’s collections

In the last month, a serie of buildings on the street of la Creu have been demolished. Three contiguous buildings, two of which were occupied or owned by the Company Aigües de Barcelona.

The building with no. 75 was one-story, ground-floor and two-story. Although the ground floor was occupied by a business premise, at the time of its construction it should not have been like this. The access door to the building was made of iron and glass and, at the top, there was a window – also made of iron and glass – which gave light to the staircase and allowed, if necessary, good ventilation.

In this staircase window, the original grille from the time of construction of the building was preserved. An iron bar grate with an egg shape in the central part, inside which was the date of construction: 1848.

The good disposition of the company in charge of the demolition of the buildings, ISCA Demolitions, has allowed the Museum to recover this object that will be incorporated into the Museum’s collections. A very exceptional example of one of the first apartment buildings to be built in Badalona.


Iron bar grate of 1848 recovered in La Creu street of Badalona.


AAOn the right side of the image you can see the house that had the grate. ATV/Museu de Badalona. Arxiu Cuyàs



Recent image from Google maps showing the grate of the house that has been demolished.
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