A piece from the Museum in an exhibition in Arenys de Mar

On January 26th, the exhibition A sea of tulle opens at the Museum Marès de la Punta, in Arenys de Mar. This exhibition will be on in the temporary exhibition hall of this museum until the end of 2020.

The Museum of Badalona collaborates in this exhibition with a piece from its collection – MB 17545. It is a communion towel, 185 x 85 cm. of cotton thread linen, with embroidery and with a fine mesh tip – also called Arenys’ tip. This towel was kept in the homes to be used if someone lying down or ill, and had to receive communion. This piece, a donation from the Formentí Famadas family, was part of the trousseau of Concepció Caritg, wife of the mayor of Badalona, Martí Pujol.


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