The sound of the air raid siren

During the Civil War Badalona suffered sixteen bombings, as a result of which 154 people died and 545 were injured.

In order to inform and protect the citizens, a series of provisions were issued that had to be fulfilled in case of bombing. One was the alarm signal that was emitted amplified to warn of a situation of imminent danger.

The Museum has recovered, this year, a lacquer disc with the recording in Catalan and Spanish of the warning of bombardment alarm, followed by the sound of a siren. In spite of the poor state of conservation of the lacquer, thanks to the intervention of the engineer Enric Giné, of the Tasso sound laboratory, the sound has been recovered.

On June 30, eighty-one years ago, Badalona suffered the worst bombing of its history. There were 65 dead, 231 injured and numerous material damages. We want to invite you to listen to that warning that our neighbors heard and that testifies to one of the most difficult moments in the city that, even nowadays, frightens and gives us goose bumps.


Hear the warning advice and the siren. Catalan version.

Hear the warning advice and the siren. Castilian version.


Photo: Ufficio Storico Aeronautica Militare




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