Presentation of the book Ciudades Romanas de Hispania which includes a chapter about Baetulo

Today, Thursday, November 24th, the Spanish School of History and Archeology in Rome-CSIC presents the publication Ciudades Romanas de Hispania, published in two volumes by the publishing house Erma di Bretschneider, in its collection of Ancient History, Series archaeological

The work, edited by Trinidad Nogales Basarrate, includes a chapter dedicated to the Roman city of Baetulo.

This publication represents the culmination of the “Ciudades Romanas de Hispania” project which was born with the aim of collecting updated information on 63 Roman cities of the Iberian Peninsula, chosen from the Roman provinces of Tarraconensis, Baetica and Lusitania. As part of the project, a series of international conferences dedicated to these cities have taken place for two years (2020-2022) which have been given by the Research Department of the Museo Nacional de Arte Romano de Mérida and which can be retrieved at through the youtube channel of this institution.





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