The catalogue Bacchus, the masks of the god on sale at the Museum

On Saturday, June 15, at 12 noon, on occasion of the opening of the exhibition Bacchus, the masks of the god at MAC-Empúries, we will present the catalogue of the same title that accompanies this exhibition and that can be purchased at the store of the Museum

The book, which is presented illustrated with photographs of the pieces of the exhibition and a brief overview of the most significant ones, contains the texts of the exhibition, which is divided into four main sections: the origins and myths of Bacchus, his pursuit, the symbols of the god, the theater masks, and the representations of the divinity in the domestic sphere. The content is reinforced with a small selection of classical texts. Already at the end, you will also find a collection of epithets of the god, and an epilogue that shows the survival of the Bacchus myth beyond the classical world. In the same volume the texts in Spanish and English are published.


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