The exhibition Bacchus, the masks of the god awarded

The exhibition Bacus, the masks of the god produced by the Museum of Badalona and curated by Esther Gurri, has been distinguished by Auriga magazine – the only Catalan publication dedicated to the diffusion of classical culture – with the Musa Prize to the temporary exhibitions on the ancient world, shared ex aequo with the exhibition Archeology in exile. The Museum of Archeology of Catalonia and the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), that can be visited until October 6th at MAC Barcelona.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated on March 28th in Badalona and that has been also in the MAC – Empúries this summer, focuses on the origins, meanings, worship and symbols of this god and has counted with the collaboration of several Catalan museums that conserve in their collections elements related to Bacchus and its world.

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