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Plantilla Magna Celebratio


The Museum of Badalona celebrates the Roman past of our city with a festival that offers lectures, shows and demonstrations of historical reconstruction, visits to the archaeological heritage and activities and workshops for all audiences.

This year’s edition, which coincides with the temporary exhibition, produced by the Museum, Bacchus, the masks of the god, will bring us closer to this divinity and will allow us to know its attributes and cults. Thus Bacchus, one fo the most popular gods of antiquity, will have a leading role on several of the activities that are programmed in the festival.

Come to the Museum and let yourself be transported to Baetulo,  the city of Badalona of more than two thousand years ago.

Bacchus, the masks of the god

Bacchus is one of the best known divinities of the Roman pantheon. God of laughter, frenzy and unleashed passion is, above all, very well known for being the god and the protector of wine and theater. In Badalona, ​​there are some very interesting testimonies related to this divinity that you will discover in the exhibition, where you can also see a selection of pieces of extraordinary quality from different Catalan museums.

This festival is possible thanks to the Historic Reconstruction Group of Badalona, with the collaboration of students and professors of the Albéniz Institute of Badalona and the Vedruna-Gràcia School of Barcelona.

This year in the festival you’ll find: Carles Alcoy, Alpha-Ares, Arcovaleno, Arqueoescena, ArqueoVitis, Barcino Oriens, Eina, Elena Codó, Albert Estengre, Jano Reproducciones Históricas, KuanUm, Ludus Mundi, David Moya, Fausto Rescalvo, Sexto Mario and Terrafoc.

The program can be modified based on the number of people registered in each activity or by meteorological or organizational issues.

Consult the program of activities of the MAGNA CELEBRATIO 2019