New online resources on our website

The range of online resources that we offer from our website is constantly growing. Thus, for some weeks now you can consult online new documentary collections of the Historical Archive of the City of Badalona (AHBDN).

Specifically, you can consult and download for free several series of the collection of the Town Hall of Badalona such as the acts of the Municipal Government Commission (1934-1938), those of the Provisional Management Commission (1939-1940), those of the Permanent Municipal Commission (from 1924 to 1933 and from 1940 to 1946) and of the Municipal Board of Associated spokesmen (1872-1896).

On the other hand, the online series of minutes of the Town Hall plenary sessions has been completed, which now includes from 1835 to 1945.

In this way we keep working to bring the important funds preserved in the AHBDN closer to researchers and the general public.



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