Modest Urgell at the Museum of Badalona

This year we celebrate the centenary of the death of Modest Urgell Inglada (Barcelona, 1839-1919), painter of national and international recognition and also a Catalan theatrical author.

Landscapes, marines and churches in melancholic atmospheres, where colors and light indicate the mood of the artist, are the main themes of a painter influenced by Romanticism and the work of Joaquim Vayreda.

The Museum of Badalona has two paints by Modest Urgell. These are two oil paintings that were probably acquired by the City Council between 1942 and 1955, based on the local exhibitions of Fine Arts that were organized every year to stimulate the city’s artistic landscape and to acquire pieces for to the future Museum (the current one, that was founded in 1955).


Ermita (MB inv. 41) – 74 x 122 cm



Cementiri (MB inv. 2345) – 55,5 x 82 cm

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