The exhibition Games and Toys in Antiquity arrives at the Sanctuary of the Miracle

The exhibition Games and toys in Antiquity, conceived by the Museu de Badalona and produced by the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, through the Arqueoxarxa, can be seen in the temporary exhibition hall of the sanctuary of the Miracle, in Riner (Solsonès), from 18th July.

In this way, this traveling exhibition, inaugurated on November 29th, 2015 and which has already been visited by thousands of people throughout Catalonia, will open a new exhibition space that will complement the visit to the sanctuary itself, where there’s one of the most important altarpiece from the baroque period of Catalonia.

The original content of the exhibition, which brings together 130 archaeological pieces from different museums of the Arqueoxarxa, has been completed with a new exhibition produced by the Association of Lacetans Studies and a group of volunteers from the village that extends the original discourse to well into the twentieth century.

The two proposals, therefore, complement each other and show the continuity of many of the ancient games and toys and their evolution, showing that the need to play is intrinsic to the evolution of human beings.

The first exhibition was curated by Esther Gurri, archaeologist and curator of the Museum of Badalona, ​​and Joan Mayné, former director of this museum, while the contemporary exhibition was curated by Màrius Codina, a very close person at the Association of Lacetans Studies and game collector. The toys included in this second exhibition proposal have been donated by the curator himself and by several residents of Solsona and Riner, and in most cases are personal memories of his childhood.

The opening ceremony will take place this Sunday, July 18th, at 11 am and will be attended by Margarida Abras, Director of the Museum of Badalona, ​​and Esther Gurri, co-curator of the first exhibition, who will act as representatives of the Archeoxarxa.


Opening: 18th July, 11 am
Place: Casa Gran del santuari del Miracle (Riner)
Guided tours and further information:
683 659 050 / /


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