The artist and pedagogue Maria Niubó i Prats joins the XML Virtual Women’s Gallery

The Museum joins the Women’s Virtual Gallery of the Local Museum Network, and this year it is doing so by vindicating and disseminating the biography and work of an artist and pedagogue from Badalona, Maria Niubó i Prats.

Born in Badalona in 1931, she graduated in Fine Arts and since 1947 participated in several group exhibitions and won several awards in art competitions.

In 1957 she was a founding member of REM, an innovative artistic group that introduced and defended abstract art in the city of Badalona.

Between 1957 and 1960 she painted the fresco on the high altar of the church of the Barefoot Carmelite Fathers in Badalona, where it can be seen today.

An art pedagogue, a field in which she carried out tireless work, she worked as a teacher in different centers. In 1968, she created the Obrador, an art education workshop for children, which operated for more than eleven years. She collaborated with the I International Congress on the Teaching of Fine Arts and was the organizing secretary of INSEA (International Society Education Through Art).

In 1985 she resumed her artistic activity and, since then, she has incorporated the use of computers into the creative process. In 1996 she held a solo exhibition at the Museum of Badalona. Maria Niubó died in Badalona in 2017.

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Mural decoration project for the high altar of the church of the Barefoot Carmelite Fathers in Badalona. Maria Niubó Prats | 1957-1958
Gouache, watercolor and Chinese ink on paper | 60 x 84 cm. Núm. inv.18061. Museu de Badalona

Maria Niubó i Prats painting the mural decoration of the church of Barefoot Carmelite Fathers in Badalona. Photo: Família Niubó i Prats.





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