Revista de Badalona available online

The Museum’s website adds a new online resource with the digitization of the publications Revista de Badalona (1941-2012) and Reforma de Badalona (1976-1977) which are preserved in the Historical Archive of the City.

Revista de Badalona – transformed into Reforma de Badalona for less than a year – is the city’s longest-running journalistic newspaper. It began to be published in 1941 until 2012. It is therefore 70 years of Badalona history, collected in the form of a weekly, most of which – from 1941 to 1989 – are now on our website.

The digitization of the Revista de Badalona has been a long-term project that is now culminating and that fulfills two important objectives. On the one hand, it promotes the preservation of the original publication and, on the other hand, it makes available to researchers, scholars and the general public the information gathered in this first-rate historical source on aspects as diverse as politics. society, culture, entertainment, business or sports.



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