Josep Maria Jujol and Badalona

On September 17th, we’ll celebrate the 140 years of the birth of Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert (Tarragona, 1879-Barcelona, ​​1949). Architect, sketcher, designer and painter, he is one of the references of Catalan modernism, although his contribution has not been recognized until a few years ago.

Josep M. Jujol had an important relationship with Badalona through the family Negre, owners since 1935 of the Torre Codina, a monumental building located in Canyet, where in 1943 he carried out several interventions: the restoration of the machicolations, an adaptation of the courtyard in front of the house, the gate of a window, the entrance lamp, and the decoration of the lobby, where he put some wooden rings and decorated the stairs, in where he incorporates a sculpture of the archangel Gabriel, in memory of a deceased son of the family.

This archangel, which is preserved in the Museum, is made of plaster and has metallic wings. He takes a phylacterium in his left hand, with the inscription Ave Maria Gratia Plena, and rests on a base where Gabriel can be read.


Arcàngel Gabriel - s.XX - Museu de Badalona


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