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Contubernium Legio VI Victrix

Sunday April 25th. 11 am

25 April 2021 - 11:00 a 11:45

Limited capacity


The Roman armies built camps comparable to the cities even if only to spend a night there, the castra. The urban planning of these establishments, which could accommodate entire legions, would cause some camps, especially on border lands, to become cities.

Those in charge of building them chose the perfect place, built the main roads and, in the center, made the praetorium, the name that had, at the beginning, the tent of the Roman generals in the camps.

Near this central tent were the elite troops of the army, such as the cavalry. Meanwhile, the rest of the soldiers were scattered throughout the camp organized in conspiracies. This was the smallest unit in the army and consisted of 8 soldiers, under the command of their centurion.

In this demonstration we will learn how the castras were built, what the life of a legionary was like and how they prepared to enter combat.

The price of this activity is € 1.10 and includes admission to the Museum and heritage spaces.

Limited capacity.

Galeria de fotos


25 April 2021
11:00 a 11:45
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