In memory of Doctor Bassols

This year marks the centenary of the birth and sixty years after the death of Ramon Bassols Genís (1919-1959), the well-known doctor Bassols, who gives name to one of the main avenues that cross the district of Llefià in Badalona.

Although he was born in Sabadell and raised in Barcelona, ​​his memory is kept alive specially in the city of Badalona. In the year 1948 Bassols began to act as a doctor in La Salut, a very vulnerable neighborhood and in continuous growth due to the constant arrival of immigrant population and an area that, at that time, did not have any equipment that would cover the needs of the neighbors. His dedication to patients and their personal involvement in the struggle to improve their living conditions made him a loved one in the neighborhood.

His sudden death in 1959, he was only 40, due to an accident, was very felt throughout the city, but, especially, in La Salut, where he had  a square with his name immediately after his death (current place of Manuel Machado). The subsequent urbanization of a main road in the neighborhood of Llefià allowed it to end up giving its name to a more prominent artery.

Coinciding with the centenary of the birth of Dr. Bassols, the Museum will present, in autumn, a biographical book based on the search for his eldest daughter, Antònia Bassols, and the family memories and several people who knew him.

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