In memory of Joan Cuadrench, a beloved priest in Badalona

Mn. Joan Cuadrench died this weekend from Covid 19. From the Museum of Badalona we want to remind his pastoral activity in our city for many years. He stayed first in the parish of Sant Sebastià de Pomar and, years later, he was the parish priest of the parish of Sant Antoni de Llefià. In both places, their work went beyond the strictly religious sense, and their figure had become a mainstay for the benefit of the community, a community made up of hard working people, many coming from outside Catalonia. His work was intense and he always sought ways to organize services designed to meet the pressing needs of a population with modest and often very limited resources. He also did an important job promoting Catalan courses to make it easier for residents and parishioners to get more education and access the labor market. Indeed, the book The Neighborhood Movement in Barcelonès Nord, by José Miguel Cuesta, published recently by the Museum, collects his testimony and mentions the enormous work he carried out in the mentioned neighborhoods.

The photograph that accompanies this note, from the Museum’s  Archive of Images, comes from the collection of the Historical Archive Association of Llefià, with which the Museum signed an agreement years ago to preserve and contribute to disseminate the collected photos and preserved by this entity.


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