The Museum organizes the III Colloquium on Wine in Antiquity

The relationship between the Roman city of Baetulo and wine is so intense that one cannot be explained without the other. It is for this reason that the Museum of Badalona will organize, in October 2022, with the collaboration of the universities (UAB and UB) and the research centers of classical archeology (ICAC and MAC Empúries), an international congress on the economy, production and trade of wine in the Mediterranean.

It will be the third symposium on wine in antiquity held by the Museum following a tradition that began in 1985, and which reaffirms the Museum as a reference center for research and dissemination of the ancient world.

With the publication of the congress website, we are opening what we hope will be a meeting that will facilitate scientific debate between several research groups in the field of wine in antiquity.

View the web page of the congress


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