The Musem of Badalona online

The exceptional situation of pandemic that we have been experiencing for almost a year, has led us to start a series of virtual proposals aimed at keeping alive the connection with our audience, although we have not given up, always which has been possible, to the face-to-face activities (there is nothing like direct contact with culture!).

The proposals are aimed at promoting the creation of a wide range of digital content. Thus, the Museum’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube profiles have grown exponentially (from 10% of networks such as Facebook or Twitter, to 200% of Youtube), both in terms of content and the number of followers. and they have become the speakers that have contributed to spreading the history and heritage of our city through games, news, anniversaries and informative videos of all kinds.

If you are not yet a fan of our networks, we invite you to do so in order not to miss any of our proposals!

Click on the icons to see our profiles.


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