The Museum collaborates in Catalonia, cooperative land

The Museum collaborates in the exhibition Catalunya, a cooperative land that can be seen from July 6th to August 31st in the Refugi in the Plaça de la Vila in Badalona.

The exhibition, inaugurated at the Museum of the History of Catalonia on November 22nd of 2018, arrives to Badalona on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Cooperativism, which is celebrated on July 7th, and on the initiative of the Ateneu Cooperatiu Barcelonès Nord, who claims, in this way, the importance and roots of the cooperative system and the self-management practices in the history of our country and, more specifically, in the history our city.

The Museum contributes, among other materials, with paper money and coins issued by different cooperatives of Badalona and Barcelona, such as the Union de Cooperadores de Badalona, ​​La Economica Obrera, Los grillos or La Cooperativa La Moral, as well as some pieces of glass from the Cooperativa Cristalerías San Miguel.

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