The lectures about Evarist Arnús, on the Museum’s youtube channel 

If you did not have the opportunity to hear the lectures dedicated to the figure of Evarist Arnús that complement the exhibition Evarist Arnús i Badalona (1820-1890) which can be seen at the Museum until November 29th, now you have the opportunity to recover them virtually through the Badalona Museum’s Youtube channel:

This way, the contributions of the different experts on the figure and historical context of this well-known Barcelonian banker, closely linked to Badalona, ​​are available to all interested audiences.

This initiative will continue to be offered in the upcoming lectures scheduled at the Museum in order to bring them closer to a greater number of people, safely and responsibly and without violating the mobility restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So we recommend that you stay tuned to our channel so you don’t miss anything!




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