On April 14th of 1931, the proclamation of the Second Republic took place, one of the most remembered dates in the history of the 20th century in Spain. The event was experienced in a multitudinous way, as can be intuited by the few photographs that are preserved in the Archive of Images of the Museum of Badalona. Now, thanks to the extraordinary documentary, we will relive the effects of that proclamation.

This has been possible thanks to the inclusion in the institution’s Image Archive of a restored copy, owned by Joan Francesc Escrihuela Niubó, grandson of the author of the film, Bonaventura Niubó i Cunill (Badalona 1892-1970 ).

Niubó, who was a butcher by profession and had stalls in the city’s Maignon market, was a councilor in the first republican town council. Passionate about cinema, his financial position allowed him to acquire a Pathé Baby 9.5 mm camera with which he recorded a significant volume of footage, among which several scenes of Badalona social life stand out, all recorded between the years 1926 and 1960 (major festivals, football matches, the three tombs, gatherings of the sardana, pole dances, fishermen spoiling their boats, bathers on the beach, steam trains passing through the Rambla…), a copy of which will gradually be added to the Museum’s Archive of Images.

The release of the movie, which has been restored by Joan Francesc Escrihuela, coincides with the 100th anniversary of the commercialization of the Pathé Baby amateur film camera.

We invite you, therefore, to enjoy this audiovisual document, currently the only preserved one of which the Museum is aware.

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