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Toile, étoile


Toile, étoile


By Maria Niubó Prats (Badalona 1931 – Badalona 2017)


On an electric blue background, there are lines that trace diagonally, rising from left to right. They are painted in light blue, with some areas in yellow, in such a way that they make the feeling of being bright.

This painting was first presented at the exhibition Espais infinitesimals, which took place at the Museu de Badalona in 1996. It is part of a whole set of abstract works in which the author investigated the relationships between painting and forms, which could be obtained from a computer. The pieces on display were designed not to carry frames, as the artist wanted to convey the idea that the paintings could be continued to infinity.

Maria Niubó graduated in Fine Arts, and soon became well known for painting the figurative frescoes in the church of the Carmelite Fathers of Badalona, in Sant Miquel’street (where they can still be seen), a work that carried out between 1957 and the early 1960s, and which represented a huge effort due to the difficulty of the technique and the large area it had to cover (around 150 m2).

Enormously restless, in 1957 she was, along with other artists, the founder of the group Rem, which introduced abstract art and, in general, post-war avant-garde to our city.

He dedicated his life to research in the artistic field and to art pedagogy. In addition to taking part in various conferences in this discipline, he taught at various schools in Badalona and Arenys. In our city he founded “L’Obrador. Art and experimentation workshop ”(1968-1978), and in Arenys, the School of Arts and Crafts (1983-1988). Since 2020, a street in the district of Manresà, in Badalona, has been named after her.

Material: Acrylic paint on canvas Dimensions: 146 x 89 cm Ref.: Inv. MB 375

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