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Sestertius (Roman coin)


Sestertius (Roman coin)

64-67 AD

Coin from the mint of Lugdunum(Lyon). The issuing authority is the emperor Nero, who appears portrayed on the obverse, laureate. On the reverse, on the right, you see Ceres, goddess of agriculture, with a wheat spike at the right hand and a torch on the left. In front of her, there is Annona, a divinity of abundance and protective of supplies, which carries a cornucopia in the left hand. Among them, there is an altar with a modius and garlands and, behind, you see the stern of a ship. S C (Senatus Consulto: by decree of the Senate) to the exerg.

Material: Bronze Dimensions: 350 mm (diàmetre) / 27,29 gr (pes) / 32 h (eixos) Ref.: MB inv. 777

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