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Predella of Saint Sebastian


Predella of Saint Sebastian

15th century

de Desconegut

Predella divided into five sections, in which are represented, from left to right, Saint Hubertus, Saint John the Baptist, Christ in the tomb, the stigmatization of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Roc. It was part of an altarpiece that was located in the chapel of Saint Sebastian of the monastery of St. Jeroni de la Murtra. In 1835 the monastery was burned and the chapel was in ruins. The altarpiece, however, was saved and years later was mounted in another chapel dedicated to the same saint. Later the altarpiece was lost and now only has localized the predella.

Material: Tempera on wood Dimensions: 50,5 x 197 x 13 cm Ref.: MB inv. 1

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