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Stone of litography to print cans


Stone of litography to print cans

20th century

Lithographic stone for labeling cans of oil for cars Autol. The composition consists of two rectangles framed by a white line on a black background. At the top, there appears the product brand on a white semicircle. Down, in the smallest rectangle, there is a car of the early twentieth century with two occupants, and in the larger rectangle there is information about the product. The stone belonged to Company G. de Andreis, known as la Llauna, which made lithographed tin containers. Originally from Sampierdarena (Italy), its activity in Badalona began in 1905 and was for decades the most important company in Spain of lithographed tin containers. It closed in 1980.

Material: Porous limestone Dimensions: 27,5 x 22 x 4 cm Ref.: MB inv. 14562

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