Cycle of lectures on the altarpiece of Saint Sebastian

On the occasion of the exhibition Altarpiece of San Sebastián, 15th century, which opens at the Museum today, Thursday, January 13th, at 7 pm, we have organized a complete series of lectures aimed at delving into the history of this magnificent gothic piece and also around of the monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra and the figure of this saint, advocate against the plague and epidemics in general.

All lectures -that will be broadcast on our youtube channel- will take place in the Museum’s auditorium and are open to the public but require prior registration on this website. Capacity is limited.

As part of these activities we will also have the opportunity to attend an exceptional concert on 15th century music by Schola Antiqua, with Javier Artigas on organ and Juan Carlos Asensio on conducting.


Thursday 13th January, 7 pm. Opening and lecture:

Una obra recuperada: el retaule de Sant Sebastià de Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

By Albert Velasco. Sold out


Thursday 20th January, 7 pm. Lecture:

Sant Sebastià: d’advocat dels empestats a icona del col·lectiu gai

By Joan Rosàs.  Conference registration.


Thursday 27th January, 7 pm. Lecture:

Les pandèmies a la baixa edat mitjana. Conseqüències demogràfiques i socials

A càrrec de Josep Hernando. Conference registration.


Tuesday 8th February, 7 pm. Lecture:

Els enigmes del retaule de Sant Sebastià de la Murtra

By Jaume Aymar. Conference registration.


Thursday 10th February, 7 pm. Lecture:

La importància de la música dels jerònims: el manuscrit de Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

By Juan Carlos Asensio. Conference registration.


Sunday 13th February, 12 noon. Concert organized in collaboration with the Conservatori Professional de Música de Badalona and the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya:

Reconstruint litúrgies a l’entorn d’un retaule. El Cantoral de Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

A càrrec de Schola Antiqua. Javier Artigas, orgue. Juan Carlos Asensio, direcció. Concert registration.


Thursday 17th February, 7 pm. Lecture:

Sant Jeroni a final del segle XV

By Carles Díaz. Conference registration.


Thursday 24th February, 7 pm. Lecture:

Indumentària i teixits al retaule de Sant Sebastià de Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

By Rosa M. Martín i Ros. Conference registration




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