Cycle of lectures about the figure of Pedro Rovira

We begin the autumn program of activities at the Museum with a series of lectures dedicated to the Badalona seamstress Pedro Rovira, as a complement to the exhibition Pedro Rovira, 1921-1978 with which the Museum commemorates the centenary of the birth of this great creator and vindicates his contribution to the history of fashion.

The cycle, which includes four lectures and a round table that will take place on Thursdays from 16th September to 14th October, is free but it is necessary to register in advance on the Museum’s website.

Information and registration Rovira i les seves models

Information and registration Fotografiant Pere Rovira

Information and registration Pere Rovira i la cooperativa de Alta Costura

Information and registration El taller de Pere Rovira: les creadores invisibles

Information and registration La presència internacional de Pere Rovira


All lectures and the roundtable will be offered live on the Youtube channel of the Museum.


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