The roman culture workshops for adults arrive at the Museum

In 2021, a new weekend proposal for our visitors arrives at the Museum. We have started a program of workshops for adults that will allow you to delve into different aspects of daily life in Roman times, and you will discover some curiosities and secrets that have lasted over the centuries and have all ended up being incorporated into the reality of the 21st century.

The workshops, which we will dedicate to aspects as diverse as the calendar, hygiene or magic and superstition, will take place on the last Sunday of the month, with the aim of becoming an essential appointment for all those interested in roman culture. To take part, tickets must be purchased in advance at the Museum reception.

The first workshop to be held on Sunday February 28th will be dedicated to Roman influence on our calendar and the one that will be held of March, which is also scheduled for the 28th, will focus on beauty, hygiene and health in Roman times.

This activity may change because of the arising from the health alert of COVID-19.



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