Carrer dels Arbres

The magazine Carrer dels Arbres was created in 1979. Initially it was an add-on to the Museum’s bulletin, Amistad, but it soon became more important as a tool for the dissemination of research work in the field of Archeology, history, art, geography and linguistics, often made from the funds of the Badalona Museum or with documentation from the Historic Archive of the City of Badalona.

The publication has had four periods, with different periodicities, but has always maintained the rigor and spirit of popularization. The year 2016 began to be published in digital format.

On this page you can consult the different magazine issues of the four periods in pdf format.

Magazine Carrer dels Arbres. First era.

Magazine Carrer dels Arbres. Second era.

Magazine Carrer dels Arbres. Third era.

Magazine Carrer dels Arbres. Fourth era.

El Eco de Badalona

Weekly founded in 1868 by the journalist Francesc de A. Planas i Casals. It was the first periodical publication in Badalona, focusing in local news. It had two periods: the first includes a brief period, from 1868 to 1869, and the second, from 1878 to the beginning of the Civil War in 1936.

Magazine El Eco de Badalona.

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