Revista de Badalona

Weekly magazine founded in 1941 by the Press and Propaganda Delegation of the FET and the JONS. Revista de Badalona was the first periodical publication of local information, published in the city after the Civil War (1939) and one of the first in Catalonia.

The first director and member of the founding group, Eduardo Antoja Vigo (Badalona, ​​1919 – Barcelona, ​​1976), directed the magazine between 1941 and 1946.

The Revista de Badalona covered local general and official news and had a wide range of contributors covering a wide range of topics – political, social and cultural activity, programming and criticism of shows, sports and history, among others. Advertisements for a huge range of businesses in the city have been present since the first edition.

During its long history, the headline has remained the same, but the publication has changed in line with political and social changes.

You can consult the publication online from 1941 to 1989.

1941-1974 weekly, Saturdays.

1975-1990 biweekly, Tuesday and Friday. Between September 11, 1976 and March 16, 1977, the headline changed its name to Reforma de Badalona, ​​while legal requirements were saved.

1991-1992 weekly, Friday.

1993 weekly, Friday.

1994 weekly, Mondays.

1995 edition temporarily interrupted.

1996 – 2008 supplement of the newspaper El Punt. Monthly.

In 2009 the headline passed into the hands of the publishing house Nautilus Comunicació i Cultura, SL.

Languages: Spanish. Some articles have been published in Catalan since the early 1970s. I a partir de 1980 Catalan and Spanish and a few months later all the edition in Catalan.