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Two aces? This is a ruin!!

Two aces? This is a ruin!!

Credit cards and online banking allow us to make purchases and sales from anywhere in the world. Maybe the currency will be history in the not too distant future but before that happens, we would like to think a little bit about coins and monetary system with questions like: what is a currency? What made a currency an object of exchange? How did they do it when they had to buy bread and all they had left was a silver coin?

And one last question yet… Would you believe it if we told you that the outfit of the emperors and empresses coming out on the coins created more trend than that of all the youtubers, influencers, instagramers and tictokers put together?

This activity is a journey from ace to euro that will allow us to discover the moments of splendor and the great crises of one of the most important civilizations in history: the Roman one.


Educació primària, secundària obligatòria i postobligatòria, i públic general.

Group activity

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1 hour.

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