Josep Cortinas Suñol was born in Badalona in 1908 and died there in 1995. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his death.

A mechanic by profession, in the mid-twenties he began photography, a practice he would never give up, despite not doing it professionally. He participated in several contests and exhibitions. Great connoisseur of the photographic techniques, he was a teacher for many amateurs. He was also one of the founders of the Museum’s Photographic Section (1969).

From 1981 onwards, he donated his work to the Museum of Badalona, where it is preserved and can be consulted. The Josep Cortinas Suñol collection is the first photographic collection to become part of the Museum’s collection and is the starting point for the Image Archive.

11,000 positives on paper of various sizes, 8,800 slides and 2,300 sheets with 35mm negatives (about 83,000 images) are just the numerical summary of a collection that collects much of the activity in the city throughout the second half of the century XX.

This gallery is dedicated to Josep Cortinas and shows author photographs, Cortinas brand photographs, probably the most unknown of all he did!

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El fotògraf Josep Cortinas Suñol