The days of May are usually the most intense in festive activities, concerts, fairs and street events, but this year 2020 we will have to celebrate the May Fests in a very different way than we are used to.

This gallery is a synthesis of the act of the Cremada del Dimoni from the fifties to 1982: from the first burnings in the area of ​​Clos de la Torre (around the current square of the Assembly of Catalonia ) to those already made on the beach, in front of the monument to Roca i Pi.  From the cremada understood as a popular activity of the festivities of Sant Anastasi, patron saint of Badalona, ​​to the truly central event of the May Fests, consolidated as the most important festive cycle in the city.

In another order of things, we would like to ask your attention about how working from home has conditioned us. We haven’t been able to show different pictures that we don’t have yet digitized and we will need, in some cases, to look for the name of the author of the image. We apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Have fun, celebrate the May Fests anyway, and do your Cremada del Dimoni without lighting a fire!

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