In the first years of the opening of the Badalona Museum, the institution was also the space for the reception of groups and entities from the Badalona cultural field, which projected their activity towards a population lacking cultural services of all kinds.

One of those entities was the Photographic Section. Created on April 4th, on 1965 by 87 founding members, with a first board of directors headed by two prominent photographers from Badalona, ​​Francesc Josa and Carles Nyssen, as president and vice president. This group of Badalona people passionate about photography had a small office located on the third floor of the Museum. They also had a floor for the function room, a meeting point for the members, and a space for the exhibition and projection of the photographic works.

The Photographic Section had a very important growth not only in the number of members, but also in the scheduled activities, and made a name for itself in the world of photography in Spain. Thus, it convened some state-wide competitions in the black and white category and also in color transparencies, and also hosted exhibitions for the Negtor Awards, the photography biennials, among others.

At the end of its activity in the early eighties, some photographs -very few- remained in the Museum. This gallery presents some of the most significant for the iconic content, but especially for the photographic language and the reading of the image they present, the result of a technical development and a way of working with the image of fifty years ago.

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Secció Fotogràfica del Museu de Badalona. Lectures fotogràfiques de cinquanta anys enrere