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Murder or natural death? Does anyone know anything about it?

Murder or natural death? Does anyone know anything about it?

Can you imagine the surprise of archaeologists when they find, in an excavation, a treasure trove of coins hidden in a hole in the ground, or a gold ring kept in a ceramic vase? Well, that’s nothing compared to the thrill of locating a grave with two people embraced or a mother and child buried together. When this happen we can delve deeper into those people’s feelings of esteem and learn more about the burial rituals of our ancestors, that are often very emotional. But at the same time, is it hit because it allows us to reconstruct part of the medical history of these individuals to answer questions like, what diseases were common? How many years did our ancestors live? Were many babies dying? Were pandemics common? …

Scientists specializing in forensic anatomy are responsible for studying the human remains that reveal all this interesting information about people who lived in antiquity.

If you want to know a little about this interesting discipline, we invite you to discover it with this webinar!


Childish and primary Education, secondary obligatory and general public.

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1 hour.

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