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May the earth be light to you. The farewell ritual

May the earth be light to you. The farewell ritual

S·T·T·L (Sit tibi terra levis), are the Latin initials that appear at the end of many Roman tombstones and that cite some Latin authors in their texts.

May the earth be light to you is a poetic way of explaining the significance of death to the individual and to relatives who will always remember the loved one. The funeral ritual of farewell full of nuances and customs, some linked to mythology, have been preserved until recently in some villages around us.

On the other hand, talking about life expectancy and the family model in Roman times will allow us to at least question many aspects of the life of Western society and awaken our critical sense.


Educació primària, secundària obligatòria i postobligatòria, i públic general.

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1 hour.

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