In 1927, the Institut d’Estudis Catalans carried out excavations, led by the historian and archaeologist Josep de C. Serra Ràfols, on a plot of land on Lladó’s street, which uncovered the remains of which today we know as the House of the Dolphins.

The images in this album are from the time of the excavations (some from later years) and are preserved in the Museum, in the Josep M. Cuyàs Archive.

At that time, the most interesting pavements (tiled and opus sectile mosaics) were extracted and integrated into the collections of the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Barcelona (now the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia), where they are still preserved today, except some opus sectile plates from the dining room, which are on display in the House, and part of the mosaic of the tablinum.

Since we’re used to the current view of the House of the Dolphins, it is very interesting to see what this space was like at the time of its discovery.

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Les excavacions a la Casa dels Dofins de l’any 1927