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Do You know what I heard on the forum? Roman fake news

Do You know what I heard on the forum? Roman fake news

We hear a lot about fake news. This anglicism defines false news that are deliberately disseminated with the intent to misinform, discredit, or manipulate.

This technique is not new, as it was often practiced in Roman times. In this webinar we will see which of these false news was most successful in antiquity, reviewing the ones that have survived, over the centuries. We will also discover the ones that were originated most modernly by Hollywood movies, and that have ended up fixing in our ideology some aspects of the daily life of our ancestors, totally wrong.

Is it true that Cleopatra had a long nose? And that she bathed in donkey’s milk to always be beautiful? Did Julius Caesar really walk around with a laurel wreath on his head? Or is the portrait of fiction series like Rome much more accurate?

We will let it be the classics and historical sources that reveal what is and what is not true in all that we often attribute to the Romans, noting how distorted the information has come to us.


Educació primària, secundària obligatòria i postobligatòria, i públic general.

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1 hour.

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