In May of 2005, Núria Argerich Cabús donated to the Badalona Museum a collection of photographs on glass plate (180 originals between glass plates and some slides), which had been taken by her father.

The Argerich family lived in Canyet and had a store in the house called Can Tiano. They also had a small shop in the old monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra.

Mr Argerich had a camera and made several photographs of the area of the Canyet neighborhood and the valley close to Sant Jeroni de la Murtra.

Once donated to the Museum, this photographic material was cleaned, documented and digitized, and stored with guarantees of preservation.

Thanks to this donation, today we can see how it was a hundred years ago Canyet and its environment, and how it has changed.

Canyet a principi del segle XX