The Museum’s collection reach 18,000 pieces

The collections of the Badalona Museum have reached, at the beginning of January, registration no. 18,000.

The piece that has the number 1 is the predella of a Gothic altarpiece, today lost, from the old monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra. With regard to the number 18,000, it is a record known as a lacquer disk with the recording of the warning of bombardment alarm, used during the Civil War. Between these two objects, there is a great diversity of elements that go from the prehistoric, Iberian and Roman times to the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Needless to say, the pieces and objects of the Roman and nineteenth and twentieth centuries predominate.

Most of the Museum’s collections are a result of archaeological interventions or come from donations from individuals, entities, companies and institutions linked to Badalona. Once registered, classified and documented according to their characteristics, the pieces are stored in the Museum’s reservation rooms, where they have the right conditions for their preservation.

Part of the collections are permanently displayed in the Roman Thermae-Decumanus space and at the Can Miravitges farmhouse. Other pieces can be seen in the temporary exhibitions organized by the Museum, which, in many cases, are designed to give visibility to these collections.

In any case, the pieces can always be consulted through the general web of the museums of Catalonia –– and, if it is an academic study, from the express request to the Museum.



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