The Museum

The Museum of Badalona is an institution created in the year 1955 by the Town Council and is administered by a Board of Governors.

The main aim of the Museum is to gather, preserve, study and display those objects from the town which are representative of its different historical and artistic periods. It also carries out the ongoing excavations of the town’s archaeological remains and surrounding area, and is in charge of the preservation of pieces coming from dig sites, most of them from Roman times, which belong to old Baetulo, present-day Badalona, which was declared Site of National and Cultural Interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya in the year 1995. The Museum is also responsible for the administration and management of the art funds and historical archives of the town of Badalona.

Today, below street level, the Museum offers a visit to the Roman Thermae and Decumanus, which is one of the most important archaeological complexes in Catalonia dating from Roman times. The Museum’s permanent exhibition houses a collection of important objects from Roman times, among which we can find on display the outstanding Venus of Badalona, the hinges of the town walls’ door and the Tabula Hospitalis.

The Museum of Badalona belongs to the Diputación de Barcelona Network of Local Museums since the year 1990, and to the Net of Catalonian Archaeological Museums since the year 2010.