You can check the latest issue of the journal Carrer dels Arbres

You can already download the latest issue of the journal  of the Museum, Carrer dels Arbres.

This year you can see how it evolved the roman city of Baetulo from the second century to the fourth century with the work of Pepita Padrós, head of archeology in the museum,  and  the archaeologist Jacinto Sánchez Gil de Montes.

The analysis of the historian Carles Diaz of the first chronicle of the monastery of  Sant Jeroni de la Murtra, written by friar Francesc Talet in the first quarter of the seventeenth century, will allow you to discover the city of Badalona through data collected by this monk from the monastery of Badalona.

Also from the seventeenth century, in this case 1667,  is the notation of the rectory of Santa Maria de Badalona that studied and transcribed by the historian M. Dolors Nieto in another article that can be found in this issue.

The historian Nuria Casals focused her work on the figure of the painter Ramon Casas, which last year celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth, and on the posters he created for the brand of Anis del Mono. This research brings us back to the late nineteenth century, a time of growth and economic expansion that transformed the roots of our city.

The work of the archeologist Clara Forn and the  restorer Agustín Gamarra, brings us closer to one of the most characteristic monuments of the neighborhood of Dalt Vila, the fountain of the Constitution Square, opened in 1922 and recently restored.

The Doctor in History of Art, Yolanda Perez Carrasco, follows in her article, which forms part of her doctoral thesis, the journey of the Muntadas Collection, a collection of outstanding art which was temporarily exposed in the farmhouse of Can Colomer, in the neighborhood of Pomar in Badalona.

Finally the last article, by the historian Núria Sadurní, deals with the figure of the dancer Aurea de Sarrà, an artist who enjoys great popularity in the twenties and thirties of the last century and that keeps a close and unknown link with our city.

We hope that you enjoy reading this new issue of our magazine and that you find it interesting! Good reading!