The Costume Museum dedicates an exhibition to Pedro Rovira

The Museum of Costume of Madrid exhibits from November 16th to February 18th a retrospective exhibition devoted to the figure of the fashion designer Pedro Rovira, who disappeared prematurely in 1978. In the retrospective, titled Pedro Rovira: De la costura al prêt-á-porter, you can see more than fifty costumes and a lot of documentation, up to a total of 250 pieces that introduce the general public to the personal universe of this creator.

Rovira has often been described as the great forgotten of Spanish fashion because, despite the importance of its work, especially regarding the consolidation of prêt-à-porter, it is still little known by the general public. This exhibit comes, indeed, of the desire to claim the legacy of this disciple of Balenciaga, born in 1921 in Rector’s street in Badalona.

It should be noted that the Museum of Badalona conserves three garments of Pedro Rovira, which were donated by his family. These are the wedding dress that she designed for her niece, a coat and a vest.

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