Take Badalona everywhere

The name of our city has evolved over time. The first denomination we know, Baitolo, appears written in Iberian characters in coins from the first half of the 1st century BC. The Romans, who founded the city, identified it as Baetulo, a name that is documented in texts and inscriptions as of the 1st century AD.This word would evolve to Bitulona, documented in the consecration of Santa Maria de Badalona in 1112, although in the medieval and modern documentation there are many other variants of the same name.

The Museum wants to make known this evolution because it is also a reflection of our identity and of our history, so it offers you the opportunity to take Badalona's name everywhere with the new cotton bags that you will find in our store.

These cotton bags join the collection of souvenirs from Badalona that can be found in the store such as postcards, reproductions of pieces from the Roman period, t-shirts or several items that reproduce the logo of the Museum.