New roman mosaics discovered in the roadside of C-31

The archaeological excavation that is being carried out on the new roadside of C-31, continues apace. The archaeologists are working on the last sector between Martí Pujol Avenue and the passage of la Nova Cançó. Since last October, the boundary of the excavation was determined, at the end of the street Jacint Verdaguer, coinciding with a zone of sandy grounds fruit of contributions of the river stream of Canyet, current Martí Pujol Avenue.

Currently the archaeological works confirm the existence in this area of the Roman city of several wealthy houses, domus, richly decorated with murals and mosaics. Proof of this is the emergence of a new mosaic with two dolphins, facing each other, in a room where there appeared a geometric mosaic, too.

These new mosaics, as well as the ones recovered in other areas of the city of Baetulo as the ones of the house of the Dolphins or the House of the Ivy, show the splendor of the city in the time of Augustus.