Let's discover the Maternity of Elna and Collioure

On Saturday, June 16th, we propose a new cultural trip, this time we will travel to Roussillon to learn about Maternity in Elna and Cotlliure.

Visiting the Maternity of Elna is to discover the story of a heroic woman who saved from death about 600 babies. In November 1939, Switzerland's teacher Elisabeth Eidenbenz turned Bardou's Castle into Maternity. In this house, hundreds of pregnant women, Republicans or Jews, who had survived concentration camps in southern France, found a place to give birth, a home to live with their babies.

We will complete the trip approaching Cotlliure, one of the most beautiful and romantic fishing villages on the Red coast. Its light inspired countless artistic works and was immortalized by painters like Matisse, Picasso or Derain. A promenade will take us from the Château Royal al Moré, a singular neighborhood full of colorful houses and cobbled streets. We will finish the visit in one of the most emblematic places of the town, the grave of Antonio Machado.

Price: 63.50 € (Friends of the Museum: 53 €). Includes coach trip, lunch, tickets and guided tours.

For further information: 933 841 750