Do you have pictures of old shops?

From the Museum we are preparing, for the next spring, an exhibition dedicated to old shops of Badalona. Here we will see how the shopkeepers showed the products that they sell and we will know how people used to go shopping before the appearance of big surfaces and the generalization of the credit cards. In the exhibit you will find all kinds of shops: clothing, grain shops, haberdashery shops, ...

Our objective is to give an special prominence to the main shopping areas that were scattered throughout the different neighborhoods of the city. We can not forget the shops of Xile street, Passeig de la Salut, Coll i Pujol street, Pérez Galdós street, Mar street or Independencia street, to name only a few.

Would you like to help us?

If you have photographs of facades or interiors of commercial establishments over 30 or 40 years old, we would like to copy them and include them in the exhibition!

You can contact us by phone (933 841 750) or by email:

Picture: Museu de Badalona. AI. Col. Maria Viscarri