The factory A. Farrés and Cía., The Crystal

Gallery that shows different working spaces of the Cristall and some of the workers who helped to make it one of the most important factories in Badalona.

Working women

Aprofitem aquesta data per mostrar aquesta fotografia de l’Arxiu d’Imatges del Museu, feta a final del segle XIX a la fàbrica de A. Farrés y Cía., coneguda com el Cristall.

New activities of the exhibition The great illusion

Within the framework of the exhibition The great illusion. Cinema in Badalona from 1898 to 1975, which has been extended until May 12th due to public success, the Museum has programmed new activities which we hope will arouse your interest.

Today is the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Enric Ortuño

The exhibition can be seen on the ground floor of the Museum. Free entrance.

Enric Sió. The cartoonist who broke molds on sale

The book is on sale in the Museum's store